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In Memoriam

In memory of our recently fallen brothers and sisters of Local 17, we have listed their names and classifications to be recognized by our membership and to pay tribute to them and their service to our trade. 

Joel D. Compton, Journeyman Lineman, June 2019

Daniel L. Krispin, Journeyman Lineman, May 2019

Thomas G. Martz, Journeyman Lineman, April 2019

Samuel R. Putnam, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, March 2019

Adam L. Higgins, 5th Step Apprentice Lineman, February 2019

Rade M. Proulx, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, February 2019

Melvin Westrick, Journeyman Lineman, January 2019

Henry A. Spear, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, January 2019

Ronald Rouse Sr, Groundman, November 2018

Keith E. Kunz, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, November 2018

James C. McAlister, Journeyman Lineman, October 2018

David E. Inwood, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, October 2018

Jacques J. Marcotte, Journeyman Lineman, September 2018

Thomas M. Hahn, Journeyman Lineman, August 2018

Bobby J. Turner, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, June 2018

Jeremy "Mike" Seaman, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, June 2018

Keith S. Whitehill, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, May 2018

Otis O'Connor, Journeyman Lineman, April 2018

Jeffrey Dernberger, Journeyman Lineman, April 2018

Leonard "Len" Shaffer, Journeyman Lineman, April 2018

Barton B. Gongaware, Journeyman Lmn, March 2018

David Wasil, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, March 2018

Paul C. Hubble, Journeyman Lineman, January 2018

James T. Peck, Operator, December 2017

Stephen T. Riser, Journeyman Lineman, November 2017

Fred Boles, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, October 2017

Earl "Tom" Wallace, Journeyman Lineman, October 2017

Philip "Michael" Tocco, Journeyman Lineman, September 2017

Lewis R. Shedden, Journeyman Lineman, September 2017

Kyle G. Molitor, Apprentice Tree Trimmer, September 2017

Robert S. Peterson, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, August 2017

Samuel W. Lerch, Journeyman Lineman, July 2017

Donald J. Sullivan, Mechanic, July 2017

James G. Davey, Journeyman Lineman, Previous Business Manager July 2017

Thomas J. Tschirhart, Journeyman Tower Tech, March 2017

Patrick H. Sheridan, Journeyman Lineman, March 2017

Roger D. Riley, Journeyman Lineman, March 2017

David J. Catellier, Journeyman Lineman, March 2017

James M. Pitman, Journeyman Lineman, February 2017

Brent H. Gordy, Groundman, February 2017

Dana J. Markwood, Journeyman Lineman, February 2017

James "Mike" Darby, Journeyman Lineman, February 2017

Merrill G. Hagen, Operator, February 2017

Thomas D. Leonard, Apprentice Tree Trimmer, February 2017

Charles M. Erbe, Journeyman Lineman, January 2017

Charles R. Bruck, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, January 2017

Reginald "Reggie" Levesque, Journeyman Lineman, December 2016

Jesse A. Garlick, Journeyman Signal Technician, November 2016

James C. Bremerkamp, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, November 2016

Robert L. Hudson, LCTT Agreement, October 2016

Ronald E. Ollila, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, October 2016

Brian Kellerman, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, September 2016

Michael Leutz, Journeyman Lineman, August 2016

Russell R. Hubble, Journeyman Lineman, Previous President, July 2016

Paul F. Rider, Crane and Elevator Journeyman, June 2016

Gregory Olechnowicz, Journeyman Lineman, May 2016

Robert "Bob" Sigouin, Journeyman Lineman, Previous Business Manager, May 2016

Nelson Bishop, Journeyman Lineman, April 2016

Doran "Woody" Woodard, Journeyman Signal Technician, March 2016

Richard Fitchpatrick, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, February 2016

James E. Pischke, Journeyman Lineman

Eric Parrish, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, January 2016

Alfred F. Schwandt, C&E Journeyman. January 2016

Norman Worthy, Journeyman Lineman, November 2015

Ritchie Shwary, Journeyman Lineman, November 2015

Timothy N. Eagen, Facilitator/Arborist

Perry E. Carrell, Journeyman Lineman, September 2015

Gordon R. Maxon, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, September 2015

Donald R Whittaker, Journeyman Lineman, August 2015

William "Ed" Ball, Journeyman Lineman, July 2015

Roy Harmon, Jr., Journeyman Lineman, June 2015

John Nolan, Journeyman Lineman, July 2015

Earl "Joe" Donohue, Journeyman Lineman, May 2015

George Randall Preston, Journeyman Lineman, May 2015

John Stanko, City of Wyandotte, May 2015

Leonard Carl, Jr., Journeyman Tree Trimmer, April 2015

Charles D. Parmenter, Journeyman Lineman, April 2015

Charles Haydon, Journeyman Lineman, March 2015

William "Bill" Gorde, Journeyman Lineman, March 2015

Everett Holden, 2nd Step Apprentice Tree Trimmer, February 2015 

Rick E. Fuller, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, February 2015

James D. Mattson, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, January 2015

David Gollman, PLD Journeyman Lineman, December 2014

Ronald C. Ollila, Jr., Journeyman Tree Trimmer, October 2014

Linn C. Tait, Journeyman Lineman, October 2014

Al Antanaitis, Journeyman Lineman, July 2014

Kenneth West, Journeyman Lineman, July 2014

Gary Lalone, Journeyman Lineman, June 2014

William Kelly Jr, Operator, June 2014

Larry Ayers, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, June 2014

Kenneth West, Journeyman Lineman, June 2014

George Ward, Journeyman Lineman, June 2014

Timothy Head, Journeyman Lineman, June 2014

Michael E. Werner, Operator, May 2014

Herve Cusson, Journeyman Lineman, May 2014

William "Kinky" Catalfio, Journeyman Lineman, April 2014

John H. Smith, Electrical System Supervisor, April 2014

Raymond C. Moore, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, April 2014

William (Bill) Collins, Journeyman Lineman, April 2014

Thomas Walsh, Journeyman Signal Technician, April 2014

Timothy Bryant, Journeyman Lineman, March 2014

Kashmir Koralewski, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, March 2014

Edward "Butch" Gasperich, Journeyman Lineman, March 2014

Douglas Redwood, Journeyman Lineman, February 2014

Michael Briggs, Jr., Groundman, January 2014

Steven Sly, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, January 2014

Richard Boan, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, December 2013

Jessie "Rick" Darnall, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, December 2013

Joshua Burchett, Apprentice Tree Trimmer, November 2013

Leland Mills, Journeyman Lineman, November 2013

Michael McCleery, Journeyman Lineman, October 2013

John Darnell, Journeyman Lineman, October 2013

Kenneth Keehn, Journeyman Lineman, September 2013

Lyle Williams, Journeyman Lineman, August 2013

Robert Capling, Journeyman Lineman, June 2013

Mark Delling, Journeyman Lineman, June 2013

Irwin Shubel, Operator, May 2013

Darryl Lund, Journeyman Tree Trimmer, May 2013

Gerald Peel, Journeyman Lineman, May 2013

Frederick Waas, Journeyman Lineman, May 2013

Raymond Stell, Journeyman Lineman, April 2013

Roy Bourdeau, Journeyman Lineman, April 2013

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